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Our Services

Get all the medical assistance and health care services that you need from Nor-Cal Professional Home Health Care Services, Inc. Our services cover a wide range. The programs include:

  • Skilled Nursing
    The Nurse will make the initial evaluation visit to the patient. After the evaluation, a plan of care will be developed and it will have the objective of preventive and rehabilitative care. Services usually cover wound care, ostomy care, diabetic management and several other related treatments.

  • Home Health Aide
    Home Health Aides assist clients with their personal care needs. We support them with daily living activities and housekeeping.

  • Physical Therapy
    The therapy will include evaluation, treatment and recovery assistance.

  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational therapists will provide training for activities of daily living. They will also introduce skills and/or techniques in the use of adaptive equipment.

  • Speech Therapy
    The speech therapists will provide speech/hearing impairments evaluation and treatment.

  • Medical Social Services
    We assess patients and their family members with their ability to cope with social, psychological, cultural and medical issues relating to the illness they face.

Nor-Cal Professional Home Health Care Services is also able to help the patient acquire Durable Medical Equipment. We will be happy to deliver DME, Prescription Drugs, and laboratory services to your home through arrangements with the manufacturer or the brand distributor.

Get well in all aspects in your life-physically, mentally, socially and even save much on what would have costs you in long-term hospitalization.

doctor, nurse and a patiendWith us, you get first class health care services in your comfortable home surrounded by people that make you happy, your very own family.

It is not every day that you come across well-organized home health services such as ours. So bookmark our page or contact us now. Nor-Cal Professional Home Health Care Services, Inc. has staff who are ready to respond to all your inquiries, concerns, and requests.